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* Important ***
If you are not over 21 years old, you cannot buy any products from us.

Mail ORDER way.
We are a  mail order company in Japan , gathering goods domestic from Japan and export goods to you in the world.
Goods in our WWW shop.
We sell DVDs (Region-2 and Region-all) of Japanese Porn Stars.( Adult Video/DVD) and Gravure Idols. So Sexy, Oriental and Cute.
Regarding DVDs : their almost Region code = ALL , but some are Region=2 (for Japan and Europe).
According to Japanese law, some sexy shots or clips from hard core videos are mosaic focused.
But you will certainly be pleased so much by Japanese women. Have a fun !!
We will not deal any uncensored products for Adult hard core. They are illegal against Japanese Law.
Prices of our Video / DVDs 
You can see the prices on our web pages …
ex. 6000 / 8000yen ,
You can see both our member's price (6000yen) and non member's price (8000yen).
For more membership details , See the ...Membership... page.
Delivery charges
  • To the rest of the world .......... Export from Japan
    Depending on which country you live in and the weight of the goods, we will charge you a reasonable fee. In normal case, we will use EMS air mail (Registered air mail) and normal air mail (no registered air mail)
    For more information , please see our ...Shipping Info....
    We are using EMS : (express - registered) shipping way usually.
    I will show you the INVOICE, including the DVDs themselves and the other charges, via E-mail after your order purchase email.
Delivery Term It's around 2 to 10 days for delivery out.( Air mail way)  It's different goods by goods, maker by maker. Since we will ship out after we've gathered goods from makers.
These makers' delivery need around 2 to 10 business days. and after we got them from makers, we will be able to ship goods out for you. That EMS-air delivery need about 4 to 5 days to USA.
For more details , please check our F.A.Q. page. 
Method of Payment
(1) Pay by your CREDIT CARD (Visa or Master )
    Please remember our name on your credit card bill, it's TSS : Tokyo Syupan Service co. For checking your bill, please remember this name. We are charging on your credit card by Japanese Yen, and after then your credit card company will translate to your money by the current exchange market BANK rate. It's reasonable!
(2). Pay by BANK TRANSFER money to our bank ..
In this case, we need extra 3000yen for bank fee , if your order amount is less than 30,000yen.
so that you have to wire money …..
goods' price + shipping + bank handling. ( + membership fee ).
After your order, we will inform you our BANK name and our account name via email.
(3). Send us MONEY ORDER.
There are 2 kind of money order. One is issued by every bank, Bank Money Order. Another is issued by Post Office , Postal Money Order..
( On such POSTAL money order. there should not be any BANK name.)
We can take both of them, but ... if you can, we prefer
United States International Postal Money Order ( US members only.)
* For other countries, England, France, we can take their Postal Money Order, too.
* Canada, Australia ...etc.. we cannot take their Postal Money Order.
In the case of   Bank Money Order..
If your amount of order is less than 30,000 yen ,We need extra 3,000 yen for handling 'money order' check. If the amount is over 30,000 yen, you need not pay this extra fee.
In the case of United States International Postal Money Order...
We need not any extra handling fee for Postal Money Order.
Note!! It's not  every Postal Money Order, but  it should be ... 
You can select any of the above method of payment.
This default payment way should be by Credit card payment.

Order , Purchase
In your application for order or membership register, if missed to fill out your postal full address or phone number etc.. , we will ignore your purchase. since we can do nothing for you.

Process of your order
1: Application : ....Your order application
2: Confirmation :.....give you INVOICE via email
3: Payment :: ..... Charge on your credit card
4: Gathering :: ..... We start to gather goods from makers.
5: Shipping :: ..... After we got goods from makers, we will ship for you.
Our business time
From 9:00 to 18:00 , Monday to Friday ( Japanese time )
We regret that we cannot proceed anything , orders and membership registrations, for week-end and our night-time and on some Japanese national holidays.

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